Heidelberg offers its solutions in the growth market of packaging for the folding carton printing and label segments. Covid-19 has accelerated the evolution towards digital communication and events more at local level. For example, Heidelberg China held a combined in-person and online event at the end of September with the Packaging Day. The goal was to show the folding carton printers the enormous productivity potential that can be exploited with intelligent high-performance machines and optimized processes. This is the answer to the market trends in the Chinese packaging printing industry, such as ever declining run lengths and increasing expectations for finishing. With this in mind, Heidelberg presented its comprehensive portfolio for the entire production process.

On site in the Print Media Center (PMC) Shanghai, 65 customers got to see four different applications being produced with more than ten live demonstrations on a Speedmaster CD-102 nine-color press. Highlights here were the high-speed job changes and the sophisticated finishings that add a lot of value to packagings. These premium packagings are especially popular in China. Prepared and streamed customer reports from the various regions of China showed the solutions in use in real life, and thus how much the customers trust in and rate the Heidelberg machines.

In parallel, the live demonstrations and customer reports were also presented on two live streaming platforms, that were clicked by over 108,000 viewers. The platforms in question are Douyin (China’s TikTok) and Mudu. Mudu links can be easily exchanged in the WeChat ecosystem and in this way complete communication across all channels. The event got almost 70,000 likes.

“In the Greater China market we will invest more in new concepts, platforms, and applications as well as in regional events in order to guarantee more direct communication with the customer,” confirmed Benny Huang, CEO of Heidelberg Greater China. “The Packaging Day enabled us to present our innovations effectively online and offline, and communicate instantly with our customers. We couldn’t be happier with the positive result: nearly 20 opportunities about sheetfed presses with a total value of almost 12 million euros, three of these opportunities came over the online platforms.” @

source : heidelberg.com