St.Gallen, May 2019 – Flexo, screen and cold foil printing processes in one line: The Greek label printing company Arvanitis invests in a new Gallus ECS 340, a 8-colour UV flexo label printing press, in order to achieve a consistent high print quality and to increase the overall productivity.
From left to right: Panos Arvanitis (Arvanitis Labels), Antonios Kampouris (Gallus Group), Sakis Athanasiadis ( HD Greece), Nikos Diamantis ( HD Greece), Minas Arvanitis (Arvanitis Labels) Picture Source: Gallus Group

Installed in November 2018 the new line is a UV flexo printing press with eight flexo and two screen printing units. A cold foil station enables a variety of highly embellished self-adhesive labels. Two die cutting units and the possibility for backside printing complements the conventional label press with a printing width of 340 mm (13.4”). A 100% inspection system Tubescan von BST eltromat is integrated.

As experienced label printer Arvanitis knows very well that reliability in high print quality and a smooth production process are indispensable to be successful on the market in the long term. “With the new Gallus ECS 340 we achieve excellent print results consistently, equivalent to offset printing, and we can rely on this”, states Panos Arvanitis from M. Arvanitis. “Even more, due to the advantages of the new press and our experience in flexo, we are able to achieve minimum set up times and thus, can enhance our productivity”.

Investing in digital or conventional?

Digital printing is a major aspect for printing houses thinking about an investment in a new production line. Arvanitis clearly decided to invest once again in conventional printing technology. “We have been investing in UV flexo technology for more than twenty years now. Having to choose between UV flexo and digital printing, we trusted in UV flexo once again”, explains Panos Arvanitis “For sure, these days the interest in digital printing is increasing, but we feel, that we know our needs better! The long experience and persistence has qualified our company with expertise in a range of pressure-sensitive applications.”

The Gallus ECS 340 is a quiet, user-friendly and exceptionally cost-effective printing press for commodity labels with a very short web path and a running speed up to 165 m/min (541 ft/min). High flexibility regarding substrates and minimal setup times due to full servo-drive integration are just two reasons that the Gallus ECS 340 is the best-selling machine system in its class with short web path. About 500 machines worldwide provide daily support to Gallus customers in the label printing sector, enabling them to boost productivity and cut costs.

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In total having installed five label machines before the new investment, the new Gallus ECS 340 is not the first line by Gallus for the Greek label producer. Arvanitis is already running a Gallus EMS 410 label press, “We have always been more than happy with our first line as well as with the service of Gallus. This also encouraged us to invest in a further Gallus label printing line”, states Panos Arvanitis; “Also the short time required to fully adapt the new machine was incredible.”

The label printer Arvinitis SA is headquartered in Tanagra Voiotias, in the North of Athens in Greece. With about 48 employees the Greek label company produces self-adhesive labels especially for the food, wine and spirits markets, but also addresses the home care and personal care market.

Background – New Gallus ECS 30 installed at Arvanitis SA

  • 8-colour UV flexo printing press plus 2 screen printing units, 1 cold foil unit, 2 die cutting units and backside printing.
  • 100% inspection system Tubescan von BST eltromat.
  • Print width 340 mm (13.4”).
  • Installed in October/November 2019.
  • Arvanitis SA, founded in 1971, with 48 employees, headquartered in Tanagra Voiotias, Greece.
  • Main applications: self-adhesive labels.
  • Key markets: wine & spirits, food, home care, personal care, special customized labels.

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