(Left-right) Randy Chandra, CEO of PT. Reycom Document Solutions (RDS) and Akira Kameyama, Executive Vice President & CIO TOPPAN FORMS Co., LTD signed a strategic investment agreement.

Jakarta, 21 August 2019 – Founded in 2003, Reycom Document Solutions (RDS) Co.Ltd continues to strengthen its role in the Business Process Outsource (BPO), General Printing and System Integration (SI) service industries that use the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligent, Biometric, Cloud, Big Data and Security and Storage. Today, RDS announced its alliance with TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD., Through a strategic investment that is worth more than Rp. 400 billion.

As a leading player in Indonesia, RDS provides a variety of comprehensive solution services in the form of document imaging, document management systems, record management, retail printing, photobooks and large format. At present, RDS also focuses on developing the latest technology-based solutions developed by the System Integration Division, including AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Biometric and Big Data based solutions, some of which are implemented in the Environment Cloud. These services are not limited to the financial industry, but also in other industries, not only in Indonesia, but also in several other countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Vietnam. Through this strategic alliance, RDS Group is now part of the TOPPAN FORMS affiliated company.
“In line with our vision to be the best Document Solution and System Integration provider in Asia, through this alliance, we will continue to provide optimal services, cost efficiency and productivity for our customers. Today’s signing underlines recognition of our reputation as an industry leader in DPS, BPO and System Integration services, “said Randy Chandra, CEO of PT Reycom Document Solutions (RDS) Group.

As a leading hybrid digital information management company from Japan, TOPPAN FORMS has run its global business in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. This strategic investment marks the entry of TOPPAN FORMS into Indonesia through new shares allocated to third parties through affiliated group companies.
“Indonesia is the country with the largest economic power in Southeast Asia, with impressive resources and population. From this alliance, we want to advance to the Indonesian market and continue to develop our business. With a combination of RDS integrator services and TOPPAN FORMS security and information management systems, we can build a strong foundation for the development of global business digital solutions, “said Akira Kameyama, Executive Vice President & CIO, TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.

The investment signing that took place today marks the synergy between RDS and TOPPAN FORMS, with TOPPAN FORMS as a minor shareholder, this investment aims to bring further expansion to the RDS business in Indonesia and other countries in Asia. RDS will continue to strengthen business in existing branches, and at the same time will also focus on developing its solution services to other countries. In the long run, RDS will continue to be the best Document Solution and System Integration service provider in Asia, strengthening its alliance with TOPPAN FORMS and its alliances, while further emphasizing its presence in the industry.

As an integrated solution management service provider company, RDS Group provides a variety of benefits including optimizing costs, time and energy by utilizing the latest technology in accordance with customer needs and business development. With these services, RDS customers can conduct business from a strategic level optimally. RDS Group services are focused on BPO which includes turn-key solutions for Imaging Documents, Data Capture Solutions and Document Management Systems, these services have subsequently evolved into Digital Variable Printing, Call Centers, End to End Documents, Healthcare Management, Record Management, Digital Web Inkjet, General Printing and Cross Media Marketing.

Continuously adapting to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers and the rapid development of Industry 4.0, PT RDS, through its System Integrator division, prepares consumers by transforming digital businesses. Namely by offering a variety of solutions from Mobile Apps Solution, Insurance Core System, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block-chain, Biometric, Big Data, to Storage and Security, where these services are developed alone or through partnerships with world-class Principal such as IBM , Microsoft, Hisign, Opentext, and others. @

All RDS Management took a photo with Akira Kameyama, Executive Vice President & CIO of TOPPAN FORMS Co., LTD with management of TOPPAN FORMS.